A new adventure.

HikingThis is my first ever blog post!! I would say for myself that this is one of the scariest adventures I have attempted.  Why? you may ask.  Well…. I have read a great many blogs and for the most part they have all been very inspirational and insightful. I am hoping that those of you reading this will find the same.  In order for me to continue to grow and step into new things this is the next step on my “bucket list”.

The question of late has been. “What do you do when your journey goes off the map?” I am sure most of us have found ourselves in places and situations that you really didn’t foresee or have a clue how to navigate once you got there.  I am convinced that dreams are often given to us to help us move towards a higher purpose.  However, we usually only dream in the context of our present situation.  I have had many dreams as I have journeyed through my life so far. These dreams have moved me forward in all areas of my life, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally.  Each time I have moved forward though I have ended up somewhere not quite how I pictured it.

I find myself navigating off the map a lot.  Here are some of the revelations I’ve had in this uncharted adventure:

  • Navigating off the map is actually creating a new map for someone else to follow. (my children, those I lead)
  • This new map allows me to have my way of thinking challenged. Opportunity for my identity to be found in truth and not in what others think I should be or how I think I should be but how my heavenly Father sees me.
  • My security isn’t found in predictability but in trusting the person who leads me.(that would be Jesus)
  • Growth = Pain: Sam Chand says “You’ll only grow to the threshold of your pain. Growth=change; change=loss; loss=pain, therefore growth=pain.” This has been and continues to be at the core of walking off the map.

To navigate an adventure is available for everyone.  Those embracing the adventure of life will find new joys and depths of experience that surpass the initial dream!!




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  1. Barb Ulrich says:

    Melissa – love your insight you are so willing to share. Amazing to witness so much of your journey over the past few years. I am changed b/c of your mentoring and leadership in my life. Greatful to call you “friend”!💗Barb U


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